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BunnyMagic Wire Trees with a Different Twist

Wire Trees with a Twist

Turquiose Tree

We weave the stones into the tree. Actually knitting them with wire. The stones are genuine. This is a turquoise tree on a lapis rock.

What makes our trees different is the root system. Like real trees their roots are defined, not bundled up.

This is a BunnyMagic original. These are Earring Trees. They are designed to hold 32 pairs of earrings.

They can accommodate both dangle type earrings as well as studs.

The bases for these trees are subject to availability.

Earring Trees
Earring Trees

Family Forest
Family Forest

Our latest product, another BunnyMagic original is a Family Forest.

Instead of a Family Ring - why not consider the Family Forest. We will make a tree for each member of your family. It includes two large trees, one each for Mom and Dad, and smaller trees for each of the children.

We use semi-precious birthstones. For some of the more expensive stones, such as diamonds, we recommend substituting Czech glass beads in order to keep costs down.


what's new

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